How to Make The Most Out of Our Bestselling Mochi Toner

Our Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner has been a consistent bestseller since its release, and there are many reasons why! For one, its hypoallergenic, alcohol-free and irritant free (containing no PEGs, artificial colorings or fragrance) and contains a generous 5,000 ppb of Ceramide and Panthenol to deeply hydrate, nourish, soothe and soften damaged, sensitive and dehydrated skin. We also cannot forget to mention that the Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner is multi-use and value sized at 500mL!

Let us share some tips on how to utilize and make the most out of this classic favourite!
The Wonder toner products also features Wonder Rice Smoothing Toner (500mL), containing Fermented Rice Filtrate to clarify skin, and the Wonder Tea Tree Pore Fresh Toner (500mL) for acne prone, sensitive and inflamed skin types. 

  1. For all day hydration, carry toner on-the-go!

    For a limited time only, The Wonder Ceramide Mocchi Toner (500mL) comes with a handy FREE Mist Bottle (100mL). This duo is perfect for the current season, in the colder months when our skin is feeling especially dry, dull and lacking hydration. Dispense the toner into an empty mist bottle to use on-the-go as a face and body mist. Whenever your skin feels dry and dehydrated, simply spray mist onto your face for an instant hydration boost! 

  2. Soothe and restore skin after exposure to irritation. 
    Try using this toner mist as an after-care product after hair removal, to soothe, moisturize and restore damaged, inflamed skin. The mist can also be used on a hot day to cool down skin, or to soothe skin after sunburn. If you have acne-prone or sensitive skin types, we recommend using Wonder Tea Tree Pore Fresh Toner (500ml) as a face and body mist to calm down acne and inflamed skin types (Tip: it’s perfect to use to treat back acne!) 

  3. Layer on that hydration with 7-Skin Method. 
    The 7-Skin Method is the process of layering on three to seven layers of toner onto the face after cleansing. This method is extremely effective for those who want intense hydration and plump, bouncy skin! Although the process can be more time consuming, layering your toner will provide you will allow it to permeate more deeply into the skin, resulting in longer lasting hydration.

  4. Deeply calm and hydrate skin with toner mask! 

    One of our favourite ways to utilize Wonder Ceramide Mochi Toner is to use it as a homemade facial mask. Have you ever used a new face mask and your skin reacted or suddenly broke out from one of the ingredients? Using a toner that you know your skin definitely loves will help to achieve the benefits of using a good face mask (without risk of it breaking you out!) Soak thin cotton pads with generous amount of toner, then apply onto face for 5-10 mins. The skin-nourishing and calming properties of Ceramide and Panthenol from our toner will help to restore and hydrate your skin! 

Make the most out of our value-size products by utilising our easy, skin-loving tips! 

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