Simple Cleansing Rules To Follow For Silky Soft Skin

Facial cleansing is one of the most important but underestimated steps on the pathway to dewy, clear skin. It is an extremely crucial step in your skincare routine to boost hydration, remove buildup of impurities, and maintain clear and healthy skin. Done properly, it can allow a clean canvas when applying makeup, or it can set your skin to be ready to soak up all of your skincare goodies. Ensure you are properly cleansing your skin morning and night by following these simple steps below!

1. Cleansing water
Depending on whether your skin is dry, oily, combination, sensitive or normal, the skincare products you use for cleansing may vary. For light makeup, combination or oily skin types, or if you prefer to use water-based skincare products, try removing makeup with a light-weight cleansing water. The Chok Chok Green Tea No-Wash Cleansing Water, which contains 100% Pure Green Tea Ferment Extract, will gently remove light makeup and impurities to prep your skin for following skincare steps. 

2. Cleansing oil
Cleansing oil is an important step if you need to remove heavier makeup or want to keep blackheads and whiteheads in control. Try using an oil cleanser such as our Wonder Apricot Deep Cleansing Oil. Containing three types of hydrating oils, including apricot seed, pomegranate and meadow-foam seed oil, it easily breaks down heavy makeup, leaving skin fresh and hydrated. It doesn’t feel oily afterwards as when you wash it off with water, as it emulsifies into a soft cleansing milk with no residues!

3. Lip & Eye Remover
For more stubborn lip tints and waterproof mascara, dissolve it with a heavy-duty lip & eye remover, like our Pro Clean Smoky Lip & Eye Remover! It is formulated with natural oils to gently remove long-lasting makeup products. If you are wearing light makeup, you can skip this step and go straight to foam cleansing! 
4. Foam Cleanser
Although cleansing waters and oils remove most makeup, it is important to follow up with a foam cleanser to ensure any residues are removed and your face is totally clean. Presence of makeup residues can lead to irritation of the skin, clogging of the pores and potential breakouts, so remember to end your cleansing routine with a good quality facial cleanser. Many facial cleansers contain additional skin-loving ingredients, such as our Clean Dew Foam Cleanser line,  which is available in a wide variety of fruit extracts, including aloe, lemon, grapefruit, blueberry and acerola. If your skin is sensitive or acne prone, try the Tony Lab AC Control Acne Foam Cleanser to minimize breakouts and calm down irritation and redness! 

5. Scrub & Peeling Gel
If you’ve followed up with the above steps, you’re set on the right track for healthier, smoother skin. Remember to also properly exfoliate the skin two times a week with either a scrub or peeling gel to unclog skin and remove dead skin cells. After exfoliation and proper cleansing, you will notice that your skincare products deeply penetrate straight into the skin.

Try using a scrub such as the Takopore Blackhead Scrub Stick for the T-zone area to remove blackheads and gently exfoliate the skin. Alternatively, use a peeling gel to brighten, soften and smooth dull skin. The Cell Ex-Toning Peeling Gel is a great choice as it contains glutathione, a natural skin brightener, and Criste Marine Stem cell, known for its anti-aging and anti-wrinkle properties.

Proper cleansing ensures that you reap the most benefits out of your skincare products, as it provides a clean canvas for your skin to soak up all of your goodies. Try using the steps above for healthier, brighter and smoother looking skin! 

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