The Reason Why People Are Using Snail Products on Their Skin

There has been a recent increase in interest in the use of snail mucin in Korean beauty and skincare products, but have you ever wondered why? You’ve all surely thought why there has been such a high demand for snail products (despite the eek factor). Today we will be talking about the reason behind the growing popularity of snail products and its key benefits in anti-aging skincare as a:

  1. Natural hydrator and collagen booster
  2. Protectant from UV rays and irritation
  3. Vitamin-rich, skin brightening ingredient

The ongoing popularity for snail products lies down to its key benefit of being an extremely effective moisturiser and hydrator. Snail mucin, which contains 91-98% of water, makes it an incredibly effective hydrator, as well as being a collagen-booster. It can treat dry skin, even out skin tone, control acne and visibly tighten pores.

Snail essence is packed with nutrients such as hyaluronic acid, proteins and antimicrobial ingredients, all of which have proven beneficial effects in skincare. Pairing snail extract with a whitening agent will double the effects of skin brightening, fading scarring, evening facial complexation, and reducing acne scarring and formation.

Our brand focuses on using highly enriched premium quality ingredients, which is why all of our products from the Intense Care 24K Gold Snail range contain a high amount of snail essence (up to 65%), as well as added 24K gold and EGF for antiaging and pigmentation care.

Try our bestselling Intense Care 24K Snail Cream, a multi-functional cream containing 24K gold and 65% snail essence. This cream restores skin to a healthier condition by providing extra nourishment and care to dehydrated skin. It will assist with skin translucency, brightened skin tone, softer skin texture, as well as providing skin with essential hydration.

Discover the regenerating and moisturising effects of our Intense Care 24K Gold Snail Eye Cream! This eye cream is upgraded with 24K gold (for dark spot care) and EGF (Epidermal Growth Factor), an ingredient proven to increase skin cell activity for hydration and elasticity. This product will not only moisturize, tighten and lift your eye area but will also smoothly fit into your skin like a primer to gently and tightly fill in-between wrinkles.

Let’s not forget to protect our skin from UV rays with our Intense Care 24K Snail Sun Cream. You might dismiss the idea of using sunscreen as we stay mostly indoors during our quarantine period, right? But even if you are sitting indoors, UVA rays can penetrate through glass windows and damage your skin. This is especially important if you want to target pigmentation from acne scarring or age spots. Even if you are using a high-quality pigmentation product, like our Intense Care 24K Snail Serum, you need to use a sunscreen in the morning to prevent excess darkening of scarring from melanin production.

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