Ways to Maintain Cleanliness and Keep Products Germ-Free in our Daily Routine

We’ve never felt such an appreciation and need towards hand-sanitizer products since the unfortunate, ongoing outbreak, as in many ways this small bottle has helped to keep us safe from the virus. As we start to gradually recover and slowly reposition ourselves to adjust back into our old lives, we will be showing some key methods we can all implement to continually maintain cleanliness in our daily skincare and makeup routine.
1. If you must go out, carry a hand sanitizer with you

We all know the importance of hand hygiene in this current day and era. If you must go out, carry a small portable hand sanitizer with you, such as our MASTERLAB Hand Spray (85ml) that contains 61.5% alcohol and kills 99.9% of germs. Use it to spray after touching any surfaces, when taking public transport, or to clean the surface of your phone and computer to protect yourself and others around you. 

2. Use hand sanitizer before starting skincare or makeup routine

Sometimes we tend to touch our faces unconsciously, but doing so may transfer of germs from hands to face, and lead to future breakouts. We often rest our hands on our chin or cheek without a second thought. For acne prone skin, it can further irritate, worsen breakout areas, and prevent the healing process. Before using skincare products, try using an alcohol-based spray or gel to thoroughly remove germs before applying any products to the face. 

3. Use hand sanitizer to keep makeup products germ-free

It’s really important to keep your beauty products fresh to ensure that they aren’t breeding grounds for bacteria and germs! Makeup applicators are always in constant contact with dirt, oil, bacteria and excess makeup products after they are used. Make sure to clean sponges, cushion puffs and brushes the right way by lathering gentle, unscented soap or daily facial cleanser onto your applicator. Wash with warm water and repeat process until water runs clear, then leave on clean surface to completely dry. Before putting your clean applicator in use, use a hand sanitizer spray to ensure that they are completely germ-free! 

Our GENTLEDERM Hand Gel (300ml) contains 62% alcohol to ensure that it kills bacteria and viruses while having a fresh light aloe fragrance with no sticky feeling. This hand gel has been clinically proven to kill 99.9% of germs and ingredients are kept to a minimum, with only essential ingredients are added. This means no sulfates, no mineral oils, no synthetic dyes and no animal products!

If you prefer spray type products, our MASTERLAB Hand Spray (85ml) is better suited for you. It contains 61.5% alcohol and has a refreshing finish, so it leaves hands sanitized (kills 99.9% of germs) without any stickiness. The product contains Centella Asiatica extract to help damaged, sensitive skin as well as providing essential sanitizing effects.

Try utilizing these tips to maintain cleanliness for both yourself and others around you.

Remember to take care and stay safe! 


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